About Bluxy

Bluxy is designed to provide service for restaurants, Coffe and retail shops. All component integrated with a powerful system to create a unique experience for our customer and facilitate their work

Small Business Retail POS Systems
Core Features

Automate Your Business with Our Cloud Based POS System

Main features that makes bluxy the best option as POS for your shop

Technical Support
Bluxys' technical support team provides technical support and it works on the hour to ensure work continuity.
Work offline
Even if Bluxy is a cloud-based application it can work without connection to the internet to ensure work continuity
Inventory Management
Bluxy provide an integrated inventory management system and it suits with all and any activities such as restaurants and other
Bluxy can give you tax reports and other reports for sales, inventory, and employees which lead to improve the performance
Cloud Based
Bluxy is a cloud-based application which means you can access your data directly and from anywhere
User Interface
Bluxy provides a stylish interface to display a summery of user order which allow the user to see the goods and prices directly
Where Bluxy is used?
Coffee Shops
Grocery Shops
Food Truck
Sweet Shops
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POS Terminal

The POS device offers a unique and integrated experience for the store and the customer

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