Bluxy POS

Bluxy POS is one of the leading Point of Sales applications in Saudi Arabia that provides you with a unique sales experience.

You can access the Demo Web App to feel the experience


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POS Software Solution Saudi Arabia

Where Can we Use Bluxy POS?


Coffee Shops


Food Trucks


Retail Stores

Bluxy System Features

Cloud Solution

Bluxy is a cloud solution which makes easy to access your data from any where and at any time


Bluxy offers Tax reports and many other reports for sales, inventory, employees to help analyze and improve performance

Working Offline

Even tough the system is cloud based, but it also works without internet connection which makes

Multi-Platform Support

Bluxy works in multiple platforms (Android, IOS, Windows). Also web version is available which makes using bluxy is a very smooth transition experience from any other system.

Inventory Management

Bluxy is packed up with Inventory Management System that can work with various businesses types

Customer Support

Bluxy Team provides professional customer support working around the clock to ensure business continuity

Rich App Interface

Simple yet rich interface that lets you do the job in few steps
POS Software Solution Saudi Arabia

Cashier Friendly

A main view in bluxy is designed to make the sales journey for cashier and customer very easy. Also we are maintain the employee log to provide owner with a report that show the time of clock in and clock out for each employee.

Flexible Products

Adding sizes and variants for each product is very easy process which make the sales and cashier experience much better

Customer Bill

A summary bill that show a summary bill for the transaction will show to confirm the order. The printed bill is following standard invoice format as per ZATCA.

Order Checkout

Ending the transaction in bluxy is simple with automatically calculating the amount and the customer change due

Order Return

Return order is the most important aspect of any POS system. We at bluxy having this features which allow cashier to search by bill number and return the order with two steps only

Table Management

Table management is allowing the restaurant to manage the dine in order with a unique view and showing which table is being used with details.

Trustworthy and cost-effective POS Software System in Saudi Arabia

With our POS Software System in Saudi Arabia, effectively organize your café or restaurant. This is a simple and effective software system for managing restaurants and cafes. You can try out the Demo Web App to get a feel for it. Practically all of the functions needed to run a restaurant, company, and kitchen inventory.


Bluxy Retail Pos Software in Saudi Arabia adds value to your business by providing functionality such as point of sale, multiple, tab ordering, and various reports such as tax reports, sales reports, and many more useful reports that can be customized based on your needs.